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What Is Torrentz2 – How To Access In 2019

About Torrentz2

Torrentz2 was before torrentz. torrentz was a meta search engine for bittorrent and it was famous in finland (country) and establish by individual person. It indexing torrents from various major torrent websites like: extratorrents, kat and piratebay etc. All the torrents was converting into .torrent file and torrentz was indexing it for the people who can easily download games, softwares, movies and more things for free from torrentz and the main thing is about torrentz it was second most popular torrent website in 2014.

Domain of torrent:


EU is stand for education.

What happen with Torrentz

It is about 2014 internet and torrentz users was growing everyday and torrentz was updating unauthorized (not own) content in torrentz like movies, games, softwares. It was indexing latest movies which is illegal (without any permission) and software’s like photoshop (cracked version). A software company who works brutal hard and investing money, enerygy and doing efforts on their project for years. So torrentz was indexing it for free in their system without having any permission and unlicensed version and games too. In year 2013, Paramount Pictures sent a DMCA claim to google (search engine) to deindex (remove) torrentz homepage and it’s pages than google taken strong action against torrentz it pages got de-index from google and other search engines also ISP (internet service providers) carriers blocked access of torrentz due to sharing illegal unauthorized content.

How Torrent becomes Torrentz2

Torrentz2 was before torrentz after DMCA copyright issue torrentz got de-index from search engines so it affect to whole site and torrentz users. In year 2014 they decide to launch torrentz again so they bought a domain and moved their old site into new domain. than it became live again. it is got blocked by google around 20 times every time they creating new torrent search engine it has so many competitors some big names piratebay, kickass, rarbg, extratorrents and more.

Torrentz2 live domains in 2019
Alexa rank – 36499
Alexa rank – 14873

This mentioned URL’s is live and index at google. I think it can be de-index from google soon due to sharing unauthorized content.

How to access torrentz2 ?

We have shared working proxy and mirrors so you can access it for free without any login or registration here you can check – Torrentz2 proxy

Also you can use VPN (virtual proxy network) I have shared everything inside given article with screenshots.

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